Welcome to the OnlyUP

Introducing OnlyUP
The first token on the BSC smartchain to combine the rebase rewards with rewards.

Hold $UP and receive $ETH directly to your BEP-20 wallet as a reward for holding



ETH Rewards

A percentage of each tax goes towards the contract which buys Ethereum and distributes it to the holder proportionally.


Marketing & Buyback

This tax ensures there is sufficient amount of funds to sustain the coin in the long run and if needed, will be used to buy tokens to support the chart


Locked Liquidity

Meaning that we will always maintain a stable liquidity pool, keeping your investment safer and more sustainable to hold for the long term



This tax exists such that all the marketing tax can be used on the project and any extra costs can be taken care of through these funds

What is Rebase?

Rebase is an increase or decrease in the total supply of a given token across all holding pools and all wallets. This is done in order to adjust the token price, without affecting the value of anyone’s share of coins. This can be beneficial as the chart will always look healthy regardless of dips and we can be on the top gainers parts of websites due to the illusion of a rise in price floor so is a brilliant marketing tool in itself

How to Buy

1. Download Trust Wallet

Simply visit trustwallet.com & download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market. Remember to never share your seed phrase!

2. Fund your wallet

Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet. Those coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.

3. Enable Browser

Go to DApps & click on PancakeSwap. Go to Safari and type in the URL:trust:browser_enable Open in Trust Wallet & you all set

4. Swap for OnlyUp Bsc

Go to DApps & Click PancakeSwap. This is an exchange that allows users to Swap BNB with other DeFi tokens. Click currency & enter the token address

Buy on Pancake Swap


Phase 1

• Develop Smart Contract
• Website Launch
• PancakeSwap Launch
• Community Events
• Meme contest + Giveaways
• Advertising Campaigns
• Various ads on social
media and other platforms

Phase 2

• 2,500 holders
• List on CoinGecko
• Logo on TrustWallet & BscScan
• List on CoinMarketCap
• List on Blockfolio
• Community Events
• First Charity Donation at 500k Marketcap
• Various Partnerships & Sponsorships
• Dashboard and Website Update

Phase 3

• 10,000 holders
• Exchange Listing
• Community Growth and Organization
• Audits – Techrate
• Merch Store Launch
• Second Charity Donation at 5 Million Market Cap
• Lamborghini Give away at 50 Million Market Cap
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